Beverly Rooftop

Beverly Rooftop- where culinary rooftop meets breathtaking panoramic views. Phoeniks is proud to have supplied an exceptional range of products to ensure Beverly's success.            

Situated in South Yarra, Beverly's food philosophy perfectly aligns with our commitment to excellence. Combining the culinary expertise of Head Chef David Ball and Sous Chef Ryan Smith with our premium electric equipment, the kitchen becomes a hub of culinary excellence, producing dishes that exceed expectations.  

Working in collaboration with renowned kitchen design firm Eatscape and installation experts Eymac, Beverly's kitchen is equipped with the finest electric commercial kitchen equipment on the market. Phoeniks supplied MKN Optima 850 featuring a pasta cooker, induction cooktop and deep fat fryer, 2 SpaceCombi Built In ovens and a Salvis Salamander.                       

"Everyone is loving the equipment, really easy to use, the induction heats up so quickly and is really easy to keep clean, amazing!" -David Ball, Head Chef.